Cà Del RE - Hotel - Bar - Ristorante - S.S. 212 - 82024 - Colle Sannita (BN) - Tel. 0824 931135 - Fax. 0824 931541

Being the hotel near the Royal Sheep Track, you have the chance to have a nice walk to the discovery of an unpolluted nature. In springtime it's easy to find orchids, taraxacum, cornflowers, iris, daisies, daffodils; in autumn there are many varieties of mushrooms; in summertime you can see some beautiful butterflies, badgers, weasels, hares, loirs.
The wwf oasis of Campolattaro, The Royal Sheep Track, the small mountain lake of Decorata are placed along the migratory course of many types of birds ( white storks, cranes, ashy herons ), which can easily be seen in spring and autumn.
It's interesting to visit the historic centres of Colle Sannita, Circello, Morcone, S. Marco dei Cavoti, Pietralcina. The city of Benevento is worthy of a full day visit. Famous for the Witches, who contributed to its mysterius charm, it stilI keeps intact the medieval structure surrounded by the originai Langobardic walls. The Roman Theatre and the Traianus Arch, bear a wonderful witness to the Romans despite their thousand- year-old birth.



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